Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Minutia

I was planning on getting up at eight this morning even though I took the day off. Got up at ten and probably needed the sleep. It's raining and a little gloomy out. C (the hubs) is working in the morning and coming home early. This is so he can get the kids earlier than normal so we are ready to see our film premier tonight. It is part of STIFF (Seattle True Independent Film Festival) and aparently there is quite a buzz about it. I am excited to see it tonight and hang out with all the lovely people I met on set!

Also, thank you for your comments regarding my post from yesterday. Only a few days ago I would not have even considered getting rid of any of my books. In the scheme of things they don't take up that much square footage in my house. However, the time has come. When all I can think about is dollar signs when I look at them I know I am ready. This was a long time coming.

Above is a photo of the hallway bookshelves. It's hard to take a picture of the entire thing with the way the hallway is situated. The bins you see on the bottom are the ones I went through last weekend.

I counted roughly 65 (maybe more) books that I could sell. Of those, some are cookbooks and I would of course type up my favorite recipes in the computer. The internet makes this a possibility for me. Both because I can look up recipies online and because I can sell the books online.

We are going to try and keep only enough books to fill four of those cubbies. This shelving is actually two pieces, a four by four and a two by four cubby. We are going to keep the 2 x 4, lay it on its long side and place it behind the couch as a sofa table. It's exactly the same height as our couch and about 22" narrower than our couch. The 4 x 4 will go in the kids room to store all their stuff including clothing. Since they are only with us six full days a month they don't have a lot of clothing here. We have a Billy bookcase from IKEA in their room we are going to get rid of too.

It's not quite half way through June and I am confident I will get my decluttering project finished this month. I am down to my bedroom closet which I have purged a few times so I am not expecting it to take long, the rolling cart in the laundry area, the pantry and the biggest job - storage off our patio.

That will then leave a few condo projects and then we are DONE!

I can't wait for next month when I can start on all the lovely projects we will be doing to finish up our condo.

Beej and I wish you a great weekend!

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