Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Stretch To Clutter Free

My goal this month is decluttering all the little hidden nooks and crannies of my house. I am down to four and of those there is one only really large one.

I need to go through our bar because there is stuff in there we never drink. Even when we have a party and tell people its a free for all at the bar. We are also going to replace the bar with something smaller. Currently its a dresser that sits in the center of the dining room wall. It's a little hard to squeeze between it and the dining table with a chair pulled out. Our replacement is actually going to go in a corner of the dining room that doesn't get much use and doesn't interrput the flow of traffic. We don't have a replacement yet but are on the lookout.

I need to go through my pantry which is actually my coat closet with shelving that C installed. I keep my large kitchen appliances and vases and such in there. Most everything is staying but there are a few items I never used and with people putting things away in there incorrectly, its hard to get to everything.

I want to go through my closet again and purge even more clothing. I know there are things that I never wear that are too big and they just need to go.

Finally, there is our storage off our patio. Mainly this is used for gardening stuff but so many other things have migrated to it. It needs a severe clear out.

The patio storage project is reserved for this weekend while the other three areas of the house I can tackle during the week after work. If C has his way we will get the patio storage done and we will lay pavers for our grill to sit on and get it off the patio.

So, my deadline of June 30th seems reachable.


its me, sam said...

As I've been cleaning the house post- renovation, I've been tossing stuff too! Tonight I cleaned my drawers out and tossed old t-shirts, bloomers, etc. It feels good, getting rid of old junk, and putting things where they belong. I still have to go through a huge pile of papers, but they'll wait until next week! I'm sure you're going to meet your goal!

paisley penguin said...

Wow - you have really been kicking but on your place. I have come to the realization that books need to go and any clothing I just don't wear. It's going!