Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Emergency Kits

I was talking to a co worker today on our daily lunchtime walk and she mentioned she and her husband have a place they have agreed to meet in the event of a disaster. It's across the state.

That got me thinkingthat my husband and I should have similar plans should a disasterous event occur.

I also thought we should probably have something in our cars and in our home in the event of en emergency.

After Googling "make your own disaster kit" I found several links but I thought this one was a good one. After reading about how bad it is to drink from water stored in a plastic water botle in the car I need to look for alternatives to that but I do think water, ready to eat food (for pets and humans) along with a can opener, a first aid kit, tools, supplies and sanitation needs, important documents and clothing are all important.

A few sites have comprehensive guides for you to follow to get these items together. Especially if you don't have a lot of time or can't even get home its a good idea to be prepared. Flylady has a detailed guide on things from decluttering to preparedness for evacuation.

I think one of my goals for the coming months will be to get these kits together. We have first aid kits in the cars and houses but not to this extent.


Crystal said...

Good idea! We don't have an emergency kit either. It's like one of those things you don't really ever get around to doing until you actually need it -- then it's too late, hahaha.

paisley penguin said...

Crystal - no kidding. We have had a few small quakes in the Seattle area a couple days ago and they say we are probably headed for a bigger one. Makes sense to me to get something together.

Jenn said...

After we had to evacuate during a fire across the street a few years ago, I swore I was going to get something like this together and never did. Time to think more seriously about it!