Thursday, February 12, 2009

My 101 List - Part 2

I have been steadily working on my 101 list so I can get it all down and then plan on making these things come true. I left off with number 22. Here is the continuation...

23. Take a digital photography class
24. Learn to bake my own bread
25. Take basic web building/html class
26. Tach BJ to roll over
27. Halloween weekend at McMenimans
28. Stonehenge replica in southern Washington state
29. Visit Jacksonvile, Oregon (home of Bruce Campbell - its a hubs thing)
30. Stay overnight on the Queen Mary
31. Visit Hearst castle
32. Bungee jumping
33. Sky diving
34. White water rafting
35. Wine tasting weekend in Sonoma

That's it for now. This is continually getting harder......

3 comments: said...

You are doing so well!

mrsb said...

Oh, I love the things on this list! I'd love to do many of the same things, minus the bungee jumping and sky diving, lol. I'd do the rafting, though!

mls gta said...

Did you watch the Bucket List movie? Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman playing two old pals fulfilling their whole life dreams. It was very inoperative, especially for us, who are not going to die in a year (like they were...) :)
Good luck in reaching your goals!