Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cars are a pain.....

We took my car to have it looked at last night. Not too happy to find out I will need a new motor. The dang car is ten years old and we still owe money on it. We can't trade it in this condition because we won't get enough to pay off the loan. We currently have no money for a motor. Our mechanic suggested we put a thicker oil it in, check it every week and drive it less than we have been. This was our daily driver up until yesterday.

We have made some changes to our longer term financial plan in regards to when we will be moving from the condo to a house. My husbands ex wife will be doing more of the driving that we have been doing for the last eight years. That will help with gas as well as food. I will explain more later when I see how these changes affect our real time budget.

At least they have extended the time my office is in Seattle and we won't move for another year. The next five months should be quite interesting. Right now my car is sitting in the parking lot looking forlorn and sad because I can't drive it every day. I will miss my heated seats!


small town city girl said...

BUMMER! I know you planned on spending your tax return on fixing it, but still...that really stinks!

paisley penguin said...

Yeah, the tax return won't cover the cost to fix it so I am paying off a credit card instead.

I know it sounds silly and we should save that money for car repairs but we have a plan figured out.

At least we have another car to drive while we figure things out.

Jenn said...

Ugh, that happened to us when our old Impala's transmission went. And we needed the car, so we had to just have it fixed and put it on the credit card. Yuck! It would be so much easier if we still got around by horse and buggy. ;)

Casey said...

I too have a car waiting to be repaired.
Cross your fingers I get enough back from taxes to bring it back to life.
Do you remember when your paycheck would pay the bills?