Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last summer the hubs and I bought a Wii. It was my idea. I'm not a big gamer like the rest of my family. When I heard about the Wii fit it made me want this particular game system even more. After searching in stores through Christmas we could never find a fit so we ordered one from Amazon. It came on Monday and we were able to try it out last night.

I have not tried the fit game but used the fit board with our Wii ski game. The more lessons you take the more you can open things up like new ski wear etc. Below is a photo of the hubs and I taking a "photo op" in the game in our Kimono ski wear. Crazy cause I would never wear tabi socks and flip flops skiing!

The Wii is possibly one of the coolest things ever invented. Got to go finish watching Lost now.


Roland Hulme said...


paisley penguin said...

HeHe - so fun! There is a thing on Facebook where you can give your friends you Wii number and you can play virtually. I have not triedthat yet. :)

An ostrich named Sam said...

I'm buying one for Christmas this year!