Friday, January 23, 2009

Going Back to School - Kinda

I have been following this gals blog for a while and I decided to sign up for one of her classes. I'm pretty excited. Its all online and starts this coming Tuesday (still time to sign up if you are interested). I just don't seem to have the best focus lately so I thought a class at a minimal cost would help me to jump start some things.

I have accomplished a few of the goals I set out for myself this month but not as many as I had wanted. I know there is still a week left in the month and I know I am a perfectionist but I did expect to be further along than I am.

In my defense, work has been super busy. In fact, I will probably be doing some work this weekend - tonight even. With the layoffs that happened a couple weeks ago I have ended up being the go to girl for several other employees and I am exhausted. Three nights this week when I intended to work out I have ended up taking nap.

I try really hard to leave everything at work and not work from home. This weekend I just have to do some stuff or I will not get everything done that needs to be done by next Friday which is month end.

Got to go - the bubble bath (and the computer) is calling to me.

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Money Funk said...

Love to hear if the class is worth it. Be neat to acheive the life you really want. :)