Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Honest Scrap

I didn't officially receive this award but was inspired by Bohemian Mom to do it anyway because she essentially gave it to everyone who reads her blog. Write a list of ten honest things about yourself.

I chose to go for honest and not widely known my many people I know in real life.

1. I played the Virgin Mary in my eighth grade Catholic school Christmas pageant.

2. I drove across the state from my college town to my home town with my clutch going out and my breaks metal to metal (about 500 miles) my Junior year.

3. I worked for four hours for a telemarketing company.

4. I was in the 1989 inaugural parade for the first President Bush (and so was the hubs and my sis!).

5. I broke my hand using a makeshift slip and slide on the fourth of July when I was 13.

6. I'm obsessive about things being equal. I can't eat an odd number of anything; jelly beans, hard candies, pez, etc. And I always have to switch sides of my mouth so they are even too.

7. I was a carhop at A&W (my first job) - yes I wore roller skates.

8. I slid down a hill at Gas Works Park so many times during one summer outing I wore through my shorts.

9. I used to love ketchup mixed in my cottage cheese (still love cottage cheese just sans ketchup).

10. I think feet are funny.


11. I love lists!

I too am not going to tag anyone. If you read this and want to do the meme feel free. Leave me a comment so I can go check out your post!

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