Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gut Check

So, it's already more than halfway through January. How are you doing on your goals?

I can't believe I have only accomplished one non financial one! I did go through some stuff and donated a bunch last weekend but I still have piles sitting around my living room and master bedroom. Stuff that needs to be gone through and either donated or permanent homes found for them. As soon as I am off the computer (right after I post) I will be tackling the small mountain behind my living room couch.

We did cash out our CD upon maturity last Monday and spent about $600 on five news tires for my Subaru. We were in desperate need. We bought warranty' on all the tires so every 6000 miles they will rotate them and rotate in the spare so they get even wear. It's a good thing we bought a new spare because the one we had was a different size tire than the four on the car.

We did splurge a little and bought a Wii fit which will arrive tomorrow. It's one thing we wanted to buy for the family for Christmas but ran out of money. So can't wait to do Wii Ski on that thing!

The rest of the CD money went in to savings. Now - where did I leave that sherpa?

I also found a great blog for people trying to declutter and simplify their lives so give it a gander!

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