Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Wrap Up & December Goals

November was a challenge with Christmas coming up, gifts to buy or make and tabs and emissions for my car. I took the hand crafted challenge and so far have purchased one ready made gift.

As far as income goes we maintained our employer income, had no other income and our assets fell by $414.44 due to the economy. Planned meals out this month were one and we went WAY over that. We spent more on coffee but it was a lower percentage of our fun money expense. The Landmark Forum will be placed on hold for now.

The real bummer was not being able to get the home equity loan not because we didn't qualify but because of the lower value of our condo. I updated our networth badge and compromised with the value as listed by Zillow. We also made the tough decision to temporarily stop our 401(k) contributions so we could have extra money per month to pay on our debt.

My no spend days goal for the month originally was 12. Then I changed it to 6 and had 4. I bought a few Christmas decorations with fun money but am trying really hard to decorate with what I have or find an inexpensive alternative. Been getting inspiration from this great site called JunkMarket. The stocking for my niece, flannel PJ's for my nephew and the flannel PJ bottom's for my SK's are the only handcrafted items I finished this month.

Groceries spent $451.06 which was a reduction over last month but still 12% over budget. I spent $394.77 on fun money which was an increase over last month and 3% over budget. Eating out $133.07, coffee $111.91, entertainment $42 and crafts $31.61. All increases over last month. My budget for gifts this month was $250 and I spent $174.57 $26.67 of which was non hand crafted.

Goal was minimum payments on the credit cards ($235) and loans ($705) as there was no extra money in the budget for more than that due to Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving and my dad's birthday.

Total debt balance fell to $37, 684.50 which is 66% of available credit. Credit card balances total $ 10,525.95 and loan balances total $27,158.55.

Goals for December

Complete all hand crafted and buy all store bought Christmas gifts by December 22nd.
  • Flannel quilt & premade vegan dinner for brother
  • Fingerless gloves for SS
  • Tabi socks for SD
  • Scarf for mom
  • ??? for dad
  • ??? for sister & bil (already bought them one thing)
  • ??? for nephew (already made flannel PJ's)
  • ??? for niece (already made Christmas stocking)
  • XXX & XXX for the hubs (he reads this blog so I can't say here - sorry honey)
Have 6 no spend days
Walk 4 times
Work out 8 times
Maintian EI and not worry about OI for this month


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals. I'm still so impressed that you can make so many presents. I need skills. said...

All of your goals sounds great! It is good to have a budget and keep within the budget, as it so easy to overspend during Christmas time! It is also wonderful that you have the option of making gifts instead of buying them. Thank you for sharing :)