Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goal Update

Well, not a lot of hand crafting has been going on here at Chez Paisley Penguin. Tonight I got SS's flannel PJ bottoms almost complete. I just need to add the drawstring to the waist and close up the opening. Sorry for the color here. It has a slight olive green tinge but it's really a pearl grey background. I loved the intricate detail on the skulls.

SD's flannel PJ bottoms are another story. I fell in love with this cute fabric (not certain why I have a skull theme going on). There was only two yards on the bolt and I needed 2 3/4 yards for the PJ pattern I have. I wish I could find my awesome PJ bottom pattern that calls for two yards and only one pattern piece. It's kind of a rocker chick look I think.

I'm disappointed but not deterred. I am going to stop at the fabric store tomorrow night and see if I am lucky enough to find more. If not, I will get a plain color (pink, grey or black) and make cuffs from the patterned fabric. I might even buy a plain t-shirt and cut out one of the skulls to iron on to it. Hmmmmm.......

So that is 2 3/4 of the 7 hand crafted projects I wanted to have completed this month. I expect to have both PJ bottoms finished tomorrow night and I will cast on for SS's fingerless gloves tomorrow at work on my lunch break. The fingerless gloves are the men's version of a pair I have made at least three times. They knit up pretty quickly so I should be OK. That just means two other hand crafted projects to get done this month. The clock is ticking!

On to the no spend days front. Sadly I have a total of three of the twelve I wanted to have. Part of the problem is I waited to tell the hubs my idea and we didn't do the best about communicating when we needed things to combine shopping trips and leave more days open for no spend. We have ten days left until the end of the month and I don't imagine nine of them will be no spend. So, I am changing my goal for this month to a total of six no spend days. That leaves three more by the end of the month. If I can squeeze more in I will. Next month I should be much better at this.


mrsb said...

We haven't done a complete "no spend" day, but after reading about them here, I've really buckled down to cut out extras. No more trips to Starbucks, hubby is taking his lunch to work almost every day, no trips to the grocery that aren't on designated shopping days. This week alone, we saved $300. We usually have nothing left the night before payday. We took that money out of the bank and put it up for Xmas spending.

Thanks for inspiring me to spend less!

MoneyMateKate said...

I envy your sewing skills - I've faced off with my machine three times since I got it in May, and I lost every round. LOVE those skulls, by the way!