Saturday, November 15, 2008

Betty Boogie's Oddventure

Happy weekend to everyone. Sorry I have been absent for a few days. Catching up on my sleep from staying up and making PJ's for my nephew for Christmas and going to a midnight movie will do that to a person.

Sorry to say I was a little disappointed with Quantum of Solace. The direction they took this movie was out of character for Bond. The villain was really forgettable and they used some of those shaky film cuts used in Bourne Supremacy which I do not like. Cool flat surface computer graphics and at least this Bond girl has a brain. An homage to Goldfinger as well. The hubs wants to give it another try in the theater so I probably will see it again.

Not much to report in the hand crafted arena today because of the previous mentioned lack of sleep. I need to do some serious grocery shopping and a little clean up around the house. I did FINALLY get more yarn for Lady E Thursday and have been knitting on her. She's almost done and I discovered I bought more yarn than I probably needed. That's OK, the colors are ones my mom likes so she is getting a scarf for Christmas styled like my wrap but not as wide.

Funny thing is I may have to block Lady E at my parents house since I have no place here I can do that without it getting trampled and covered in cat or dog hair.

Not much else going on today. The hubs is finally getting his overdue b-day gift. Ingredients for making beer - dark, dark beer. I can't work on flannel PJ's for the SK's cause they are here so that will be next week. I do have a two sweaters I picked up at the thrift store to make the SK's new stockings. These are not a surprise so I can work on them with them here.

Tonight I'm headed over to Betty Boogie's (name changed to protect the crafty) for Taco's, boardgames and cards. "Betty" and I are friends IRL. She's really in to vintage (like me) and has costumed several local play productions. She's a stay at home mom of four who is currently living in the dissaray of a home remodel. When you get a chance check out her new blog which she will link to her ETSY site.

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Crystal said...

I was disappointed with Quantum of Solace too. When would the real Bond ever "not know" which cocktail he's drinking? Hated the action scenes also, they were confusing and way too blurry.