Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Wrap Up & December Goals

Been up for a couple hours cause I can't sleep. I have a lot on my mind. First, I still have four garments to make by this coming Saturday. Second, I feel like we hemorrhaged money this month and wanted to see where we actually stood.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we?
  • Income - $7975.21 ($4100.22 regular earnings, $2870 savings transfers & $1003.79 additional deposits)
  • Coffee - $137.20 (up $68.47 and $102.20 over budget)
  • Eating Out - $176.93 up $87.12)
  • Groceries - $222.36 (down $150 and $22.36 over budget)
  • Gas - $167.06 (down $50.10 and $27.06 over budget)
  • Save - nada (see below)
Goals for November were...
  • 6 days of Starbucks (5 Sundays and Thanksgiving day) - epic failure
  • 9 workouts (5 walking Sundays and 4 workout Wednesdays) - total of 4 walks
  • $400 extra payment on car - nope (see below)
  • $900 in savings - nope (see below)
  • loose 10 pounds - stayed the same
  • knit SS fingerless gloves and three more ornaments - nada
  • buy Christmas gifts - did purchase some
  • either paint the living room or tile the hearth - nope
Yeah - now that you see the numbers I've got some splainin to do. My husband sold his car last month in order to buy a car from my dad. That car needed some work and so did my car.

Sold 87 BMW - $2400
Mortgage didn't have to pay - $900
Prepaid taxes from previous mortgage reimbursed - $760.13
Overpayment reimbursement from previous mortgage - $1003.79
Total additional available monies - $5063.92

Subaru work (axle, timing belt, water pump, various pulleys, oil change) - $1425.19
Porsche work (brakes, motor mounts, clutch) - $2637.60
Total work done to our cars - $4062.79

Total left over is $1001.13.

Oh yeah - and we exercised our credit cards this month too. I don't have the final numbers but probably to the tune of around $500. This is above what we spent on our cars that we have not reimbursed from cash.

Both my husbands kids have decided to live with us. So, once the dust settles and after attorney's fees to make it all legal (we are hoping around $1000 for attorneys fees) we will increase our spending every month by $118 to add the kids to the hubs health insurance and $200 for groceries (they are teenagers). We will no longer have to pay child support and expect to receive it from their mother.

We are also working on changing our new refinanced mortgage from a monthly payment to bi-weekly payments. That means we will end up paying an extra payment a year and potentially save tons in interest as well as pay off our 30 year mortgage faster. We will also slightly increase our payment to add extra every month to the principal. Currently our first mortgage is $796.73 and I think we will do bi-weekly payments of $450.

Because of the kids wanting to move in with us we now need to get a house. Our current 900 square foot two bedroom condo was fine when they just visited three weekends a month. Now that they will be living with us permanently in the new year (plus my SS's 70 pounds dog) we will need more space. Our goal is to put our place on the market in the late spring/early summer and move to a house.

I would like to still set some December goals but life is really in flux right now. Here is how the budget stands today.
  • Income - $4106.90
  • Bills - $2023.29
  • Loan Payments - $753 (minimums with a little rounding)
  • CC Payments - $200 (minimums with a little rounding)
  • Groceries - $200
  • Gas - $140
  • Mad Money - $900 (still not done Christmas shopping)
  • Save - $805.67 (this represents money we may need in January to get set up on the bi-monthly mortgage payment plan)
Other goals for this month
  • Finish four other garments for Steampunk Ball by Saturday December 5
  • Walk all four Sundays and do Wii Fit or Jillian Michaels all four Wednesdays
  • Track eating for WW - get back on plan
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Paint living room
  • Christmas gift purchased/made and wrapped by December 22nd
  • Print copy of paycheck so I can take to cell company to get 6% discount
Here is to getting custody of the kids, revamping my budget, sticking to my goals and surviving the holiday season!

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