Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting Steamy!

So, a few months ago I discovered this little world of Steampunk and the hubs and I have been going to a regular meet up on Monday nights at a local coffee house to hang with other Steamy individuals.

In a few short weeks the Emerald City will be hosting the first annual Steampunk Exhibition Ball. I have a dilemma. Because its a ball I feel like I should wear a skirt. Not really certain I want to. I'm not a big fan of skirts. Not only that - I have no Steamy outfits put together yet. I have multiple ideas and can't pull the trigger on a one of them. So, I have been trolling google images for ideas on what to make for myself and the hubs.

I am more comfortable in pants. I had thought about doing a skirt gathered in the front to show pantaloons. But, I love the idea of wearing something most other women will not be and I'm drawn to the idea of a pant.

I saw these and decided they looked enough like pantaloons to pass for what I want. They have a costume feel to them that I like. I can make these in a wool menswear stripe as shown or in a nicer satin for a ball. Not certain if I am going to do the bustle on the back. Depends on what type of corset I decide to make.

Next up is the corset. I love this style of corset. It has the feel of a jacket and the back is long (if I choose) as a bustle. If I went with this option I might not put the bustle on the pants. Love the collar and how they are connected.

Under the corset I will have a chemise like top. I have not decided if I want short sleeves as shown or long sleeves.

If the chemise is short sleeved I want to make some cuffs. If I make the top with long sleeves I want them to go over the wrist like the cuffs shown below.

That's it for the main costume items. I am going to look for boots but I have shoes that will pass if I can't find what I want for the right price. I still need some steamy accouterments like goggles, a raygun a steamy hat and such.

The hubs has a few things at home already he can wear. He has a black pair of pants with a stripe down the leg much like tuxedo pants. Or, he also has a grey pair of wool pants that would do as well. We can get him a button down shirt, and I can make him a vest, cravat and a velvet lab coat much like the one below.

We need to find him a top hat and some steamy accouterments of his own. Spats and a walking stick would be great too. Love the steamy flask below!

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Timi said...

That's too many choices! I would be freakin out trying to make a decision. Good luck, I'm excited to see the outcome.