Thursday, November 12, 2009

Like Whoa!

OK, my little universe as I know it has suddenly been turned upside down. Last weekend the hubs kids came down after us not being able to see them for most of October due to their mother's lack of cooperation in drop off and pick up.

The hubs son (C) told us that he wants to live with us.

Let me just let that sink in.............................................................

Did I mention that C wants to live with us?

I'm honestly excited. He chose us. Ever since I started dating my now husband I have wanted to opportunity to be a full time parent. Sadly, their mother has had the opportunity to make the best possible decisions for them and has not. The kids are teenagers and are voicing their opinions.

The hubs daughter (A) is of the same opinion but can't quite pull the trigger on a decision to move. I think she is nervous about telling her mom and I don't blame her. She has a real hard time with change. She is adamant that she not change schools again (can you say four moves in 8 1/2 years?) but I suspect if she stays with her mom there will be yet another move in her future due to her current circumstances.

Getting back to the fun stuff. We just refinanced our condo. Now it looks like we will need to start house hunting in the spring. The reason - we have a two bedroom condo. The kids have to share when they are visiting. With C living with us full time that is no longer an option.

We have an interim plan in place though. My in-laws also have a two bedroom condo in the same building. Literally one landing away from us. They have generously offered their spare room for a child to use. Problem solved, even if A moves in with us. It will be a little weird until we can move on to a house but we will make it work. The important things is that we give them the support and stability they need.

Here we go!

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