Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tier 1

I have completed tier 1 so far. I know, not much progress. I was so excited to complete this and I really wanted to show something after my struggle with the yarn purchase. I also bought Addi Turbo circular needles to knit this on.
It kind of looks like a bunch of flags strung together. I am a little further than this photo shows. I have started Tier 2 and done the left triangle which "straightens" out the curl of the yarn and makes a nice corner.
I am a little stuck on the rectangles. Technically I have two Lady E's going right now. I have a practise Lady E so I can make sure I understand what I am knitting before I do it for real on the real Lady E. Being a relatively new knitter I don't want to keep ripping out my nice yarn.
The color the ball started with is a teal/turquoise, then it went to green and black and now I am in to some grey. There is also some lime green and various shades of blue and green in the yarn.

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