Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Ownership

If you are ever lucky enough to own a home of your own - beware - improvements can take your hard earned money and your sanity.

A few weeks ago I posted I had completed one coat of paint on the kitchen walls. The ceiling is now painted as well. The entire room still needs a second coat of paint. Cool thing is we will probably get away with one gallon for the entire room! Aside from that, hubby and I went shopping today for kitchen accessories. It made us giddy.

We bought a bathroom soap dispenser to house the dish soap. Try to ignore the glass to the left of it. That is where we currently house our cell phone chargers - hideous I know.

Now, let me tell you how excited I can get about a garbage can. It has one of those nifty little foot pedals so you don't have to actually touch the lid. Also, when it closes, it goes slowly so as not to harm your ears with the ringing of a slamming garbage lid. Simple minds...simple pleasures.

The last thing we are going to do (before new cabinets and counter tops in a year) is stainless switch plate and outlet covers. We are also going to turn the dead space over the cabinets on the sink side in to wine storage with criss - crossed pieces of wood painted in the wall color so it blends in.
Bed, Bath & Beyond is almost the happiest place on earth - second only to Home Depot!

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