Monday, September 3, 2007

Photo Fun

We have had our digital camera for a year and I just started playing with other features on it such as sepia and black & white options.

I really love this photo of my hubby. He said it looked like an album cover and I was thinking the same thing. This was taken at Mukilteo lighthouse park.

Here I am with the dog. I am not too fond of photos of myself. My hubby insisted on taking this one. We are being sneeky.

This is Bon Jovi (BJ or Jovi for short) and we did not name him that. He came with his name and he was used to it so we kept it that way. He is the sweetest, cutest, wiggliest thing I have ever had! We love him to death!

This is my bonus daughter, Alex staring off in to space. She does that a lot but it's probably because she is hatching some new thing to create.

This is my bonus son, Connor contemplating a cup of Starbucks coffee. He loves coffee and I keep trying to tell him it will stunt his growth.

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