Sunday, September 16, 2007

Getting in to the spirit

Our wrap party for the film is going to be a costume party since the film is set in October. Since I am the costume designer for the film I suppose I need to have a stellar costume. I have always wanted to be a witch and never gotten the chance so I came up with an original twist (I hope) on a traditional costume.

Below are photos as a teaser to my costume. The evil jester is part of Chris costume. I'm going to make a black dress with a petticoat of red silk and black netting that looks like spider webs. Black and red striped over the knee socks that I think I am going to knit myself, black witches shoes with big silver buckles and a choker that looks like a spider web. I am also going to attach a spider from the tip of my witches hat. I even bought a black and red wig!

My wig kinds of reminds me of cherry coke or something because of the color.

Not a great photo as far as color representation (the red looks too pink). The netting is the best I could find to represent spider webs. This is going to be edging on my petticoat and I will sew some fake plastic spiders to it so I hope it will look cool.

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