Monday, May 31, 2010

New Couch

The hubs and I have wanted a new couch for a long time. Our current one is just way to firm for our liking. Because we are planning on going back to school in future, we don't want to spend a ton of money on something new right now. Our criteria was pretty simple, comfortable & good bones. Bonus for neutral color.

Saturday we found a new (to us) couch at the thrift store for $30. We put gas in a friends suburban to help us get it from the store to our house. It meets our criteria with a minor drawback of cat scratched legs.

I plan on making slipcover for it in greens and browns. My sister had slipcovers made for her couches in a patchwork pattern which I have always wanted to do. I am excited about this project because I would much rather recycle something discarded that still had life as opposed to buying new. I also really want to try my hand at making a slipcover.

When I have the slipcover made I will post before and after photos.

Now to just sell the old couch. We have posted it on Craigslist. Send good couch selling juju!

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