Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oregon Trip - The Beach & The Goonies

Sorry I have been so busy it's taken me a while and three posts to gett this up from our Oregon trip. Been so tired so my writing is somewhat - well ug!

Anyway, After a yummy dinner Saturday night for our anniversary we woke up early, ate breakfast and hit the road. Highway 26 to highway 101 along the Oregon coast. First stop, Cannon Beach. The hubs and I are movie geeks so when an opportunity presents itself to see some filming sites we do not hesitate.

Do you recognize this site? For any of you growing up in the 80's this is the backdrop from a rather famous scene from the Goonies. Remember when the ORV races through the streets of Astoria after picking up one of the Fratelli brothers from jail and they "enter" a race on the beach? This is that beach.

Next up the road was Seaside and finally Astoria. We did more Goonies sight seeing with a stop at the house used for Mikey and Brand's residence. It's a private residence and this was at the bottom of the driveway. Goonies are encouraged to take photos but to hoof it on foot.

The house pretty much looks the same as when it was filmed 25 years ago.

Couple other sites in town were the Flavel House Museum where Mikey's dad worked and the county jail from that infamous opening sequence.

Another favorite is Kindergarten Cop, also filmed in Astoria. The school from the film just happens to be right down the street from the Goonies house.

A few other movies were filmed in the Astoria area like Short Circuit, The Ring (1 & 2) and Into The Wild to name a few.

Edit - If you are in the area and are interested. There is a 25th anniversary Goonies weekend in June 2010.


its me, sam said...

I love the "Goonies", so cool that you were there!

WSU Laura said...

I had no idea the Goonies was filmed there. It is one of my boys' favorite movies. I can so see them wanting to go there just to see the house and go treasure hunting.

paisley penguin said...

Sam & Laura - yep I never can get enough of that movie. There are many other sights to see but we were only in Astoria a few hours. It's not far from Seattle so a weekend trip could be in our future.

Sallie's Niece said...

That's awesome the buildings still look the same. I love Goonies!