Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Days Left

OK - no sewing was done yesterday. I have decided not to stress myself out by trying to make six individually designed stockings by tomorrow. I have ideas in my head but I really want the process to be fun and stress free so I have decided to use the stockings I have for the hubs and I and get the kids new stockings that we can use for this year.

I might get around to making my indoor wreath today though. Right after I finish a pile of gift tags for the huge pile of gifts under our tree. I wrote the names near the back seam of wrapping paper so I would know who's was who's. I did think it might be fun to just put the pile in the middle of the floor and let everyone at them. Then the gifts could be distributed to the giftee. Yeah - no.

For some holiday inspiration, go check out Brooklyn Limestone for her annual holiday gift. This year it was personalized tea towels. That Yudu looks like something I might have to put on my wish list. Also check out this post of previous holiday gifts she has sent out. Brooklyn Limestone is so darn creative!

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