Thursday, December 3, 2009


I am taking a clue from Sallie's Niece and spelling out my budget for the next two weeks. Payday is tomorrow for both the hubs and I (that does not always happen). Here is where it's supposed to go.

Beginning Balance - $2717.94 (income of $2053.45 + account balance of $664.49)

Student Loan - $93
Netflix - $27
First Mortgage - $796.73
Home Owners Dues - $217.41
CC1 - $35 (minimum plus a little extra - I rounded up)
CC2 - $30 (minimum plus a little extra - I rounded up)
CC4 - $105 (minimum plus a lot extra)
Groceries - $100
Gas - $35
Save - $800 (earmarked for bi-weekly mortgage plan)
Mad Money - $328 (mostly Christmas gifts)
Left Over - $115.8 (to filter in to the second half of the month)

The money that will go in to savings will be held there to pay our January mortgage. Then we will also make two half payments in January to set up our February mortgage payments. By paying bi-weekly, we will end up making 13 mortgage payments a year and pay our debt down faster as well as save on interest.

I have tried to buy some Christmas gifts for the past several months and because I didn't have lists from people it was hard. I should have just put some money aside every month and then I could use it now.

Now off to sew and watch more Samantha Brown - please tell me how to get her job?

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WSU Laura said...

I want her job too.Very organized budget. I am impressed. Hey, have you sent me your address to I promise not to stalk ya, unless of course you want me too, but really I just want to send you your Snuggie.