Saturday, June 27, 2009

I want to take a cruise!

Today my husband, our friend and I went and toured the MS Amsterdam. My husband works for Holland America and we were able to tour the ship as his guests as well as have lunch. First off was the art in the atrium. Every Holland ship has a different piece of art. This one is called the Astrolab Clock Tower. I just love all the gears and astrological references on it.

It chimes on the hour and at the top has a representation of the earth orbiting the sun. All four sides are unique.

This piece is 29.5 feet tall which includes a carillon at its base. It was designed by someone from the Netherlands and made by two artists in Italy. Its nickname is celestial mechanics.

Love the gears too!

We were able to tour different staterooms on board the ship. I so would love to cruise on board and stay in a pent house suite. One of the coolest things about the room is it has a butlers pantry with a separate entrance for your steward to come and go as they are preparing your food for you. The master bedroom has a king size bed.

To the left of the bed in this photo is a mounted flat panel TV.

To the right of the bed is the master bath with walk in closet, tub and separate shower and the toilet and bidet get its own room.

All the glass is a little unnerving. I certainly would have chosen tile. I'm not particularily fond of the gold either.

Yes, that is a round shower door. The closet may not be larger than my own at home but it has more storage complete with wooden and padded hangers.

If you care to have people you can entertain in the living and dining room or out on your personal veranda.

Love the chairs in the living room. On the opposite wall is a large flat screen TV and desk area which looks out to the veranda.

I won't bore you with photos of other staterooms because everything else pales in comparison. There is also a guest bath in this room. All around 1000 square feet. About three years ago my husband and I were able to go on board for dinner and spend the night. We had a slightly smaller suite than this. I certainly would not turn that down either.

A few of my favorite parts of the ship are the library.

There is wifi available and computers if you absolutely need to check your email. Nearby is the espresso stand. I love globes. This one came up to my chest.

If I were to take kids on board they have an entire area called Club Hal.

They have an indoor and outdoor area. The indoor area has video game terminals and all kinds of arts and crafts to do.

Have you ever seen a steel pineapple?

The main pool area has a cover that can slide over it in case of inclement weather. Kind of like Safeco field. Below you can see the glass panels that cover the pool area and ride on a track.

I love these deck chairs and you can actually purchase them. I need to budget.

Chess anyone?

Every day the elevators get new rugs. Just to make certain you know what day it is. No, I am not kidding!

They have a casino and a theater and several other restaurants and pools. There is even a sport court with volleyball. Never a worry losing a ball as there are nets all around it.

And of course, the promenade deck. Day spent on a cruise ship with lunch included (I even had caviar) - totally free (well, except for parking)!

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Wow, that looks amazing! Now I want to take a cruise!