Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad

Last Saturday my sister and I arranged a 40th anniversary party for my parents. For their actual anniversary (the 28th) they will be on an Alaskan cruise. The weather was perfect and a lot of friends were able to make it.

Some of the friends that were able to come they have known for over 40 years. Even one of my mom's bridesmaids was able to come.

Of course my niece was a hit that night.

Doesn't my brother look like Will Sasso? It's creepy - they have the same mannerisms and everything!

My styling hubs and the dog.

SD needed a quiet place to read.

Dad at the end of the night. I just realized I did not get a photo of my parents together at their own party. In fact - I don't have one of my mother. Yikes!

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