Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paula's "Secret Garden"

As promised here are shots of Paula's "Secret Garden". I only call it that because I always feel that way when I am in her backyard. Below is a photo of the path that leads from the back patio down the side of the house.

Paula's garden has evolved over the last twenty plus years she has lived in her house (which was really the original hotel in the town she lives in). It's evident in so many spaces. Brick under your feet turn in to cement and then stone. Just down the path is a place to sit and rest right near the gate to the hot tub.

Across the path is the Celtic knot work marking the door which leads to the Hawaiian room where hubby and I always stay when we are visiting. This is just off the sitting area pictured above.

Paula has tons of flowers and plants in her yard. Usually we visit in the summer and there is always Hollyhock, Gardenia, Peony, Clematis and Sunflowers blooming. One of my favorite spots in the garden is the outdoor eating area with this statue.

I want to give her a name but am not certain what that shall be. She seems really strong and at the same time very humble. One day I hope to have a garden like this.


Jen said...

What a beautiful place!

Celtic Sprite Seeking Knowledge said...

Great place to visit Thanks for Sharing.