Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday

I have been waiting for the weekend since I woke up Monday morning - how pathetic is that? Although my days were filled and went by quickly, this week seems to have drug on forever.

What to do with the next two days stretched out before me? Hubby and I plan to research laptops, have some friends over for dinner and visit my new niece who is the ripe old age of two weeks old today.

Plus, I might just start getting the ideas that have been rambling around in my head down on paper for a screenplay. A treatment (outline) actually. I know where I want to go with my story and I'm pretty excited about it but I am not an expert on the subject matter and until recently it didn't interest me much.

Oh, and there is always knitting.....

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Celtic Sprite Seeking Knowledge said...

Sounds like a very busy life :) Great Luck on the Screenplay SWEET!!