Thursday, May 8, 2008

Four Years....

My hubby and I had our four year anniversary last month. It's been a roller coaster of a ride for the past seven years we have been together.

Imagine my surprise when out one night while seeing a really cool band from Vancouver BC at a local bar I ran in to an old boyfriend from high school. Within three weeks that old boyfriend became my fiance' and we were roommates. We knew pretty much right away we were meant to be together and those pesky years in between high school and when we met up again were just a big learning experience.

Above is my sister, me and my brother.

Fast forward three years to our wedding day April 24, 2004. A perfectly sunny not too hot day. I had THE DRESS and he, his friends and members of my immediate family on the male side were all wearing kilts! The ceremony was held at an almost 100 year old building. We had a highland dancer, we had a bagpiper (did I mention the men in kilts?) we had high tea service for over 200 and a plaid cake! It was madness I tell you. The best kind of madness you can have and one of the best days of my life.

Above is Chris (hubby) and our friend Don who played the bagpipes at our wedding. He even played Thunder Struck by ACDC!

From left back row: my sister, Heather (I have known for over 20 years), Michaela, me, Paula & Shannon. Front row: Emily (Heather's daughter) and Alex (my bonus daughter).

From left: Matt (my brother in law), Brian (we have both known over 20 years), my brother, Chris (my hubby), Marc & Ken. Connor (my bonus son) is in the front row.

After the ceremony Chris and I got in to a 40's era Cadillac limousine and headed to a fabulous hotel for the night. We quickly changed and climbed back in to the car as we were headed to one of our favorite Celtic inspired stomping grounds. There we met up with much of the wedding party (men still in kilts) and partied until the break of dawn. It was tremendous fun and a night certainly to remember. I highly recommend winding down like that with family and friends. Especially after tying the knot!

I love this car!

Our plaid cake. The lady who made it took my scarf and copied it on to really thin sugar paper. It's totally edible!

After four years of being married I finally have my wedding photos on my computer via CD (thanks to a dear friend). I thought I would post some of my favorite photos here. I have tons more I will be posing to my flickr account later.

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