Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am a person who is really good at starting things. It's the follow through I have trouble with. Resolutions are not a good thing for me to attempt at the beginning of the new year. It's probably part of my perfectionistic outlook on life I'm certain. For some reason though when spring is around the corner I feel this great need to purge. To lighten up.

I have done this before. I have gone through my things and felt really good that I had been "ruthless". I am down to the bare minimum of my "stuff". I really haven't. I always find more I can get rid of.

Maybe it's because even though I was so looking forward to 2008 it didn't start out too great for me. In the first week of the new year I fell and severely bruised my tailbone (it's STILL on the mend), had a root canal done (still need to get the crown) and found out I needed to spend $3000 on my car (that is now fixed).

Moving on.............

The rest of 2008 and beyond I am committed to focusing on Health, Wealth and Simplicity which will bring me Serenity.

A big portion of my time in the past almost seven years has been eaten up by an unhealthy family member. This person is severely narcisistic and unfortunately part of my married life - she is my MIL. The link here is a GREAT reference for anyone who has dealings with a narcisistic personality - thank you Vanessa. I re-read the traits discussed section all the time just to keep myself on track and sane.

The terrible thing about the entire situation is I was sucked in to her unhealthy way of life so slowly I didn't really notice and as a result, lost myself. On the surface she was great. However, as time went on I began to realize that unless she got her way (specifically with my step kids and controlling her son - my hubby) there were no problems. If she didn't get her way - watch out! I felt like I was going crazy and being dictated to and blamed for her unhappiness. Even after knowing what she is I still question myself sometimes in the limited dealings I have with her.

Sorry, got side tracked.. Moving on..........

Health - I really want to get back to a point of fitness. I own an elliptical machine that I will start using again. I am commiting to twice per week at a minimum of twenty minutes. I already walk with a friend once per week and I would like to encorporate Yoga or Pilates one day per week at a minimum of twenty minutes as well. Along with longer walks with the dog, consuming more water, fruits and veggies I think these are good goals for me.

Wealth - My husband and I have put a plan in to place to be debt free (except for our condo) in two years. We started a home business in order to get our debt paid down faster (and eventually live off of). We are six years away from having no kids under the age of 18 at home and we will only be in our early 40's. That means for us travel and even less attachment to material things and downsizing to a one bedroom cottage of our own design on a lake in a warm climate.

Simplicity - We as a society are inundated with advertising telling us what we want. I fell for it for so long that I am still donating things I probably never really needed or wanted in the first place. My goal for my home is to only keep/buy things I absolutely need and are good for the environment. I know I will have trouble with books, movies and craft items. I would love to find a website or blog with great examples of how to create a wardrobe that I can transition as I lose weight and become more healthy. I know I have clothing I will never wear again or can't fit in to and need to purge. Why it makes me feel better to have that stuff on hand is beyond me.

One thing I have read is the more you give things away the more you are open to receiving. I certainly don't want to end up with more junk but I would like to received things that go with my new mantra. New electronics are making life a lot easier and portable. I think iPod's are one of the greatest things ever invented. I love the fact that I can download CD's I own and music online and keep it on my tiny little iPod where I can listen to it at home, in my car or anywhere. It's like a great mixed tape (wow, I have really dated myself). Considering On Demand movie viewing I am certain "they" are coming up with a way to digitally store your movie collection and I am so up for that! Have laptop - will travel.

Serenity - This is the ultimate goal. Not being bogged down by "stuff" but enjoying life to the fullest. Having a home that is a restful retreat (see cabin above) where I can recharge and go back out in to the world. My hope is to be completely self employed. I want to travel and write and take photos and keep a small garden. I want to read the great literature of the past and present. I want to be free of clutter (body, soul and space).

Here's to a new outlook of lightening up!

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