Sunday, October 28, 2007

TBOZ is a Wrap!

This past Saturday night TBOZ (The Book of Zombie) cast and crew had their wrap party. Naturally it was a costume party. Now that the official production is "in the can" as they say. It's down to editing and hopefully we will have one great movie to premier in a few months!

Chris Barron (sound) had a small accident. We keep telling him he shouldn't play with matches.

Katy (special effects makeup) came as a Demon from Buffy.

Here is my honey (sound/producer) without his mask. He was an evil jester.

Cortesi (senior executive producer) had a dog that just would not leave him alone. It even had "humping action". He won for most funny costume.

Dave (Director of Photography) and Brian (Lead male actor) goofing around.

Paul (director/producer) as Indiana Jones and his wife Kassy as the best mummy I have ever seen.

Dave (director of photography) with his wife Leah (production assistant). Her costume was an imprmptu spider. She hosted the party and put this costume together at the last minute!

Ashley (catering/producer) as Mrs. Torrance from the Shining (runner up for most creative costume) and Jenn (makeup/special effects) as the ghost of Marie Antoinette. She won for best creative costume.

Vanessa (costume) as a storey book girl and I (costume/producer) as a spider witch (tied with Ashley for runner up as most creative costume). We had had a few when this photo was taken.

Paul (producer/director), Scott (producer/director) and Erik (writer/director/producer).

Mr. and Mrs. Torrance from The Shining (Ashley & Erik).

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