Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Leaves

Today we took advantage of the lack of rain to go to Jennings Park and take some family photos. This is where my husband and I got our engagement photos taken. Alex was really tired so she opted to stay home but we got some cool ones of everyone else.

In the photo above I am wearing a scarf I wore in my wedding. It matches the tartan of my hubby's kilt.

Chris is walking the dog by the same pond. The kilt he is wearing he wore in our wedding. The tartan is Muire (moore) after his mom's side of the family. He is dressed down today from a dress "uniform" of Gillie Brogues (shoes), hose (socks) and a Prince Charlie jacket. He is wearing a sporran which we jokingly call his "man purse" and a British Military sweater. Even BJ's sweater coordinates.

Connor tried really hard to get in to this tree.

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