Saturday, October 6, 2007

Distractions from Lady E

My Lady E is resting. I had to rip it out as I messed up, I tried to tink it but made it worse. While I took a time out I painted my dining room.

Below is a photo of the new olive green wall with Lord Oliver perched on the bar lamp. We named him Lord Oliver without even thinking about the wall color. He is a Halloween decoration. I kind of like him though. He may stick around through the winter. Very Harry Potter.

The green is a little more intense in the photo compared to in person.

However, when compared to this next picture where I have a little of the kitchen red wall next to it. The wall looks Kelly green. Wild.

I'm really happy with the color and will have to paint a second coat throughout the next week before I take the tape off my crown molding.
Next up, pumpkin color living room walls. Can you see a fall color theme here? Also, better photos to come later when I have my curtains done and you can see the dental molding.

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