Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It Looks Like The Picture (Lady E Progress)

After much ripping out and restarting I finally have gotten the hang of the Lady E. I am really enjoying knitting this! The photo below are the base triangles which form the first edge of the wrap. Hard to believe as they look like a string of marine signal flags. Once you get a couple tiers done the the magic starts.

This photo was taken in the lobby of my building at work. I really liked the stone hearth for my backdrop.

This is a terrible photo. I was having problems with the light in the room. Essentially this is Tier 1.

Here is a detail of Tier 1 since the above photo does not give it justice.

Here is Tier 2 complete. I am further along than this but wanted to show the progression.

I will update when I have significantly more done. For now I must say I am loving the colors in this yarn! Initially I was a little concerned. I started with a teal color at the end of a skein the first time around. I think picking a different skein that started with a color I liked better has helped.
This is Noro Silk Garden color # 213. Colors you don't see that are also in the skein are light and dark grey, some darker blue and forest green.
I am loving this pattern so much I am thinking about making a scarf to go with a hat and some fetching gloves I made. I would start with three base triangels to make the scarf more manageable.

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Jen said...

Your Lady E is looking beautiful so far!