Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Link Love Giveaway

Head on over to Blogging Away Debt for a chance to win a free three month subscription of E-mealz.

E-mealz is a weekly planning resource with over 28 menu options to choose from. They provide menus for people on the Weight Watchers points system, meals for two, meals for four, even gluten free meal plans. You download a weekly meal plan and shopping guide once a week and head out to the grocery store. It's even endorsed by Dave Ramsey if that makes a difference to you.

According to Blogging Away Debt she has reduced her grocery bill to half of what she used to spend.

Even if you don't win E-mealz is still reasonably priced at $1.25 per week. If you click from her blog post on the link you can immediately get 10% off.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying this out, too! I've been on WW for 7+ months (down 30 pounds), but I'm relishing the thought of having someone else do the 2 hours of planning for me - I can use those 2 hours each week!!! :)

Good luck on your journey!

Beth E-R said...

What a useful site! It always feels extra good to know what is for dinner ahead of time and have everything on hand, and even more exciting to have a plan for the future week. Right now I am focusing on using up what is in our cupboards and freezer, to prepare for our future move.