Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freedom From the Cage

Here is a great blog post by Simpler Living on reasons to live debt free. The tradoffs we make for things weather it be a car, a home, an education or simply that new dress we just had to have and how long that itms takes to pay back vs quality of life.

I thought the read was a good one and like her my husband and I are movings towards being debt free. If we won the lottery we would probably not stay at our jobs, we would move on and we would find interesting things to take up our days with.


josh healy said...

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Crystal said...

Hey Karen! I missed you all on Twitter too. How long are you guys going to be gone on your vaca? Hope you have a great time!!!

Thanks for posting this link -- it's so true about how clear-headed one becomes when they're living a debt-free life.

paisley penguin said...

Josh - will look in to this. Headed on vacation this weekend.

Crystal - We are not going to be gone long and only to eastern washington to visit relatives. We do have a cabin on a lake though! Next vacation requires a passprt and an airplane ticket! The closer we are to debt free the easier that will be to accomplish.

Unplanned Cooking said...

It is so true - our material wants/needs do tie us to our lifestyle. I've been thinking about that subject a lot lately.