Monday, August 30, 2010

Dining Room Tweak

Remember this post from a few weeks ago? I am inspired to change my dining room color and this photo is part of the inspiration.

Although I love color, but deciding to make the walls of my home more neutral will be more soothing. I can incorporate color in my choice of accessories such as pillows, rugs, candles, etc.

This weekend I am painting over the olive green in my dining room, which I have loved for a couple years now. The new color choice - grey. The accent colors will be sepia in the form of burlap and muslin. I will keep the crown and baseboard moldings white.

I don't have chairs like the one above but I think I can incorpoate this look with my current chairs by making slipcovers and padded cushions from old grain sacks. Or, to get a grain sack look, I can purchase muslin and paint right on it. Muslin is an inexpensive fabric that is easily washable.

I like the idea of stamping the backs of the chairs with a symbol or letter. In the sample above, the home owner assigned each person in the house with a number. I like this idea but I think I might just do T on all for the first letter of our last name or stick with an idea like the top photo.

We have been using our formal china for every day use for about a year now. Nothing has broken yet. I have always like the look of formal and very informal together. Our china combined with the rough texture of burlap as a tablecloth I think will look great.

I already have quite a bit of silver and crystal which I incorporate in my decor even for the holidays. I love my flatware but am always on the lookout for something a little more special like the pearl handled choice below. I like the knife and fork, not too keen on the other fork and spoon.

The dining room is one of the easiest rooms for me to change in terms of decor as I really only have to buy a gallon of paint and some muslin or burlap.

I love the quirkyness of the birdcages over this table. I think this could be fun to incorporate but I also like the idea of a candleabra over the dining table.
What could go better with my china, silver and crystal than small collection globes?

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