Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Small Things Accomplished

Last night I drug out a bag of clothing that needed repair in order for us to be able to wear it again. Two pair of pants hemmed, one top that needed part of the trim reattached and one shirt that needed buttons reattached. Done and are now back and hanging in the closet.

The rest of the bag consists of fabric that needs to find a home. Some of the fabric is yardage in prints that I like. I use it for table cloths and such. Then there is some fabric that needs to be made in to something. This part of the bag still needs to be sorted.

As I may have mentioned before, we live in a small 900 square foot condo. When the hubs kids come to visit on the weekends they share the second bedroom. So, we are really tight on storage. For the better part of several months I had bags lined up behind my couch. I was so sick of seeing them there that I moved the bags to my bedroom where they ended up lining the wall. I am desperate to get rid of the last of my visible clutter. Once that is done I can move on to the invisible clutter. You know the items stuffed in closets, drawers and under the bed. Out of site - out of mind.

On the espresso challenge update for October. I did cave and bought a coffee at Starbucks yesterday. You know, it just wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Up have updated my side bar and I'm at 41%. I thought this challenge was going to be really hard but it hasn't been all that bad.


mrsb said...

Just stopping in to say thank you for guest blogging today!

And for anyone visiting from my blog, take an extra entry to any 2 giveaways by posting the word "chocolate" to their posts!

Wendy Hawksley said...

It's always good to finish up those small things, especialy for the end of the year!

Popping by from Mrs. B's, by the way, and I love your guest blog!

ELLIE said...

stopping by to say hi from mrs B's blog

Nydia said...

Just loved your post at Mrs. B.'s, it's amazing how much I learn every time someone talks about it. Yours is probably the most complete one!

Kisses from Nydia.