Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

The third day of my three day weekend. I'm gearing up for month end at work and planning a pretty lazy day with the hubs at home.

Yesterday we headed out to the thrift stores. We found some bits and bobs to take apart and make some steampunk ray guns for our costumes. The hubs found a few DVD's he wanted. My greatest scores were some amber Mexican wine glasses and three bunches of dark purple grapes.

My mom loves amber Mexican glass and since St. Vinny's had them for so long I got four for $2 plus tax. I had been to Michaels for grapes a couple times and they never had the color I wanted. I got the three bunches of grapes for $1. Perfect for my dining table centerpiece.

I have my house about as decorated as it can get for Halloween. Stay tuned as I will post photos.

Last night we went to a party held by someone we both went to high school with . There were a few others from high school there. Not everyone could make it but it was so nice to meet up after all this time being as how neither the hubs nor I went to our ten or twenty year reunions.

It's crazy what time and space can do. It was so interesting hearing out their lives and people we knew and remiscing - looking through yearbooks and such.

The great thing about it is that I have probably made some new "old" friends.

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CanadianDebtGirl said...

I love finding gems at Thrift stores. Good on you! :)