Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Weekends

The long weekend is over and it was back to work today. I had big plans for my weekend which I promptly threw out the window in favor of a "do whatever the heck I feel like" weekend. Friday the power was out in most of the area of downtown Seattle where I work. So, I got to leave at 10:30. My neighbor and I hit a couple stores for some plants for my yard nad her deck.

Saturday we helped my neighbor and friend find a new family member. May I introduce to you BJ's new girlfriend, Sara.

After a trip across Lake Washington to Bellevue with no luck we stopped at our local PAWS and there she was. Her big brown eyes staring at me from her pen. My friend was instantly in love and Sara came home with her. She's 10 months old and a mix of Jack Russel Terrier and Australian Cattle Dog. Smart and full of energy. BJ is a few years older than her and they get along just fine (don't let the photo below fool you - one of the few times Sara was not running around - BJ is still camera shy).

We finished off Saturday night BBQing with friends. Sunday we went to two dog parks and
met my husbands cousin and wife who are moving to the Big Easy in a couple weeks. Can't wait to visit them down there!

Monday was a gardening day and boy do my hamstrings hurt! I still have a few things I need to plant so photos to come soon!

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