Friday, May 1, 2009

Cheesecake & Nuclear Evacuation Kit

My husbands talks in his sleep. He does not remember his dreams. His sleep talking is a constant source of amusement for me.

This morning the hubs rolled over and said; "I need a cheesecake and a nuclear evacuation kit".

Usually when the hubs starts talking in his sleep its something random and weird like this and after much laughter I asked; "Why do you need a cheesecake and a nuclear evacuation kit"?

He was very insistent when he stated; "Because I need to get rid of the ghosts".

My reply; "If you are going to kill the ghosts then why do you need the cheesecake"?

"To feed to the ghosts".

"If you need to kill the ghosts then why do you need to feed them?"

"Because cheesecake is light and fluffy".

"Again, why feed them if you are going to kill them".

"Because they are ghosts and demons".

At that point I left to take the dog out. When I got back inside he was up and I had forgotten about it. I emailed him earlier today and told him what he said. His reply was, "That's the last time I watch Hellboy before I go to bed".

Apparently everyone knows you hunt ghosts with cheesecake.


mrsb said...

LOL! I've had conversations with my husband while he slept, too. So funny!

small town city girl said...

That is too damned funny! ROFLMAO!

Roland Hulme said...

I saw that in a episode of Ghost Hunters once, so yes - your husband DOES know what he's talking about!