Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring is Here

Spring is officially here, I see evidence sprouting up all around me. Yet its still so darn cold! They say it might even snow this week.

Over the Easter weekend we didn't do much since it was raining. In fact, I can't remember an Easter weekend in the Pacific Northwest where it hasn't rained. We did not dye eggs this year. I didn't really even think about it since I have teenagers that don't seem much interested.

I'm starting to get cabin fever though. Last night the hubs and I took the dog on an extended walk around the neighborhood just to be outside. We had thought about going down to the pier but it was threatening rain.

We are gearing up for some projects inside and out. We have our hearth that needs some tile, a new mantle to be built that can accomodate a 42" flat panel (still need to buy that - we are budgeting for it), I have some gardening to attend to and a dining canopy to build. I'm even in the mood for some sewing.

Photo of my garden from last summer - inspiration to get out in the yard this weekend. Maybe I'll even get a few more of these.

Ready for spring!


mrsb said...

Still cold here, too. At least today isn't raining though! I swear March and April have been 1 big, soggy mess.

I can't wait for summer!

MaryDeluxe said...

Your garden looks lovely!! That picture would definitely motivate me! I am intrigued with your canopy idea... I can't wait till you share that one!