Monday, April 6, 2009

Life Is Too Short

This last weekend here in the Pacific Northwest was absolutely beautiful! It actually reached over 60 degrees in some places and there was no rain! We had the patio doors open most of yesterday and fired up the grill Saturday night. I feel like Spring is officially here.

The hubs wasn't feeling to well yesterday or we would have gone out. If this weekend is pretty we will grab our GPS and definately do some Geocashing!

One of my best friends called me this morning and we chatted for a bit. She lives in MA and I am in WA. We have known each other over 20 years. She gave me good news about her dad - in remission thank you very much.

I have been inspired and actually started a blog post before I found this post which led to this post. Its like they were reading my mind. So, in the spirit of 'mushroom caps' I give you my life is too short list.

My life is too short to.....

Live in clutter and ugliness. Once and for all I want the clutter gone and I want my living space. The space I share with my husband and bonus kids to reflect us and how we choose to live. I want our surroundings to enhance our true selves and relaxed approach to life.

To put it bluntly - eat crap. I want what I eat to fuel me for the day and add to my health and energy. Not bog me down. I want to grow fruits and veggies I can cook with in my garden and shop the farmers market on a Saturday morning.

Move. I need to get out and exercise every day. The weather is getting nicer the days are staying lighter later and Spring is here. I am ready for it!

Relax - read more, sleep in more, enjoy my family and friends more.

Live creatively. Make more clothing like I sued to enjoy doing. Learn to utilize our power tools to make things for my home. Indulge in writing my book.

What is your life too short for?

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MaryDeluxe said...

That's a great list! Life is to short and that is a motto I try to live by but at times I have been guilty of letting things bother me. I guess that is what makes us all human. If only I could live everyday like it was my last, I would have no fears, achieve so much, and never be upset with stupid useless drama!