Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Halloween Decorating

I am almost finished decorating for Halloween. There is so much more I want to do but it's just going to cost too much. We still plan to make our own Halloween tree and hang some ornaments we have on it. It's just a matter of collecting the right branch and nailing it to a piece of wood. The other things I want to do I can keep my eye out for throughout the year as I will need some glass cloches (want these anyway), beakers and specimen jars.

The orange lights you see flicker and look like flames. They are nestled in a brown feather garland with skeletons. The cool thing about this garland is I can take the skeletons and orange lights down after Halloween and exchange for blue lights and ornaments for Christmas as my theme is brown, peacock blue and green.

My mantle is not complete. I want to find some black or dark brown candles to go between the books and the bust and the books and the raven as well as on the five tier candle holder sitting on the hearth (notice we still need to finish re-tiling the hearth). My bonus daughter named the raven Gilligan. We have not come up with a name for The Count yet. We still need to add cobwebs. Next year I am going to replace my scarecrow (on the bottom left of the hearth) with a skeleton pirate.

Here is a close up of Gilligan and The Count. You can see better detail of my garland. I bought the lights last year and didn't even use them and the feather garland I wanted from a Christmas display and finally bought on sale over the summer.

I also did a similar garland on the shelf over my garden window. I had posted photos of what I did up there last week. You can see that here.

I finally got my dining table cleaned off and took the leaf out. I love the smaller size. It's perfect for our family of four. I found the table cloth at a Christmas store in Leavenworth, WA. A little Bavarian themed town in the mountains. It's brown satin with back velvet, brown satin trim and tassles. It's square and fit's perfectly on my table when it's round. In the center of the table I put a black spider web bowl filled with brown ornaments. I want to make brown velvet slipcovers for the chairs at my table as well. This is something that I can use all fall and winter.

We added a bit to our front entry as well. Our neighbors we share the landing with stopped by to tell us how much they like it. There is a new resident and a bone yard. If we could just get a ground fogger to go with our regular fogger.

Hubby is working on a creepy pumpkin based on one from the movie Sleepy Hollow.

We bought a carvable pumpkin at Joanne and he is going to make a frame for it so the pumpkin will sit on top, the frame will be covered with a cloak and he will place a light inside the pumpkin. If you are curious about the real Sleepy Hollow click here.

Happy Hauntings!


mrsb said...

I love your Halloween decorations!

FruGal said...

Wow, you guys really go all out! It looks great. I especially love the flying bat for the cursor! :)

paisley penguin said...

Thanks for the comments! I wish I could do more this year!

Les@SpillingBuckets said...

Nice decorations!

I like your Christmas colors - we always put a peacock on the top of our tree. :-)

(old tradition)

paisley penguin said...

Spilling Buckets - I would so be interested to hear about the tradition of the peacock on the top of the tree!

Roland Hulme said...

We only carved one pumpkin, but it was fun. I LOVE Halloween. I think it's my favourite holiday of the year.

Love your decorations!

paisley penguin said...

Thanks Militant Ginger! Pumpkin carving is about the only thing I don't like. :)