Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blog Round Up

I have been online all morning caching up on blog reading. It's my new hobby since it's affordable (read free).

Even though I have links on my sidebar to all of the wonderful blogs I read every day I thought this post could be a round up of sorts to the people who I read that continually inspire or entertain me. If I were ever to give advice on any of the topics I'm currently interested in I would probably just point people straight to these blogs as all of these people have great insight, tips and tricks.

I have a few personal finance gals I have been reading for just a little bit but always look forward to their posts.

Sallie's Niece is a gal who has successfully gotten a handle on her debt and is on her way to fulfilling her goals. There is no stopping her and I for one am cheering her on from the left coast.

I get to live vicariously through Savings Not Shoes blog. She's an American living in London also trying to pay down her debt and live a more financially fiscal life. Plus, she loves to travel and since I can't do that for a while I look forward to hearing about more of her trips.

Fru Gal I just found. She's an Australian living in London (totally not jealous) who is a personal finance writer by trade and has recently jumped in to the pf blog world. I absolutely love her writing style and good luck to her in her nupitals come February!

Escape Brooklyn is a women living in New York and desperately tring to get out. Looks like her dream is coming true!

Crazy Aunt Purl - She is a knitter originally from the south who now lives in LA and wrote a book about her divorce. I actually found her blog through her book. Wouldn't you know she was on her book tour and had been in Seattle the day before I found her blog! Her book sounds like it could be a downer but her writing style is so great and her blog covers more than just knitting including personal finance and hilarious stories of New Jersey Guy. She's humble and quirky and I think it's great her blogging about a terrible part of her life actually turned in to a book that inspires many. Plus, a little (or a lot) of red wine always helps!

Spilling Buckets - A couple living in upstate New York who are determined to get out of from under their significant student loan debt and buy a house. Their blog posts are always really informative and well researched. I've tried some of the recipies they post and they are yummy. Kudos for a couple growing veggies and herbs on the deck of their apartment!

Chez Larsson - an amazingly organized woman living in Sweden with her hubby, son and two cats. Her home is tiny but so well organized you will be amazed. She has tons of tips and tricks up her sleeve with such a thrifty and beautiful way of presenting them in her home. Very inspirational.

Small Town City Girl - is a stay at home mom determined to give her family the best through her inventive and frugal ways. She's a coupon user who has saved tons of money on her grocery budget. She's also my Sunday morning walking buddy and a good friend.

A Kilted Travel Agent
otherwise known as the hubs. He has such a quick wit and a wonderful writing style. He may not post often but when he does I always throughly enjoy it. I live with the man and he continuously surprises me. Plus, he looks great in a kilt!

My neigbor at Kerry's Holiday Fun and Celtic Sprite has an engaging way of bringing interesting information to her blog posts. She's a total kick in the pants and I personally feel there was a reason I met her.

A friend of mine I grew up with writes on A Beagle in Hong Kong. She's been living there with her hubs and dog for almost three years now. It's always interesting to see another perspective on things a world away.

My Messy thrilling Life is a gal living in Texas who bought an antiquated house to fix up. She has been living there for a couple years and it's slowly coming back to life. She's led an amazing life and she is only in her 20's. For a girl to have to shower in her back yard for a year - now that is dedication to a project!

If you have ever been interested in the behind the scenes action of an independent horror flick check out Preston Dave. It's TBOZ on my blog roll. This is the film I was involved in the summer of 2007. He has written a behind the scenes account of the making of our film.

Militant Ginger is a guy from England living in the right coast. He writes a lot about politics but that is not all. He's funny and engaging and makes whatever his topic of the day about very interesting.

Weirdy Pants is a knitter living in Pennsylvania. She's also a geocasher and dog owner. Love her!

Blue Garter lives in Oregon, also a dog owner and knitter. Her hubs started a website for families of people who have diabetes.

Yarn Abuse is a gal on the left coast who is also a knitter (see a theme here?) and loves photography who just bought her first home, a condo.

I hope you find some enjoyable read by linking to these blogs. I know they entertain and inform me a lot. Have a great weekend!


Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

I love Chez Larsson! She's got so many wonderful ideas!

Escape Brooklyn said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! I'm just catching up on my blog reading, too.