Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Never To Early To Think Abut Christmas

OK - for those of you who read my blog earlier today this is a huge edit. I didn't like the way I came across in my original post and decided to focus on what I am looking forward to.

This year I truly feel blessed that I have everything I need. I just finished a bowl of soup and a BLTA (BLT with Avocado) and I am stuffed. I am grateful I have a job and can buy food for my family and don't feel I have to go out to eat all the time.

I am grateful that (most of the time) I feel I can do holidays on my immediate families terms and not cave to all of everyone's unrealistic expectations that surround the holidays. This year hubby and I are buying thoughtful couple gifts for the adults in our lives. Our niece and nephew will get their own gifts and our kids will get there own small pile. Hubby and I will find creative ways to give to each other without going over board.

Thanksgiving is coming and with it the baptism of my niece.

Truly my focus right now is health and weight loss. I have my finances in order and as long as I follow that plan we will be fine. Getting the debt paid down, saving some money and going on a vacation this time next year.

I am looking forward to sledding in the winter, fall leaves that are already here, Turkey dinner and experimenting in the kitchen. Finishing some home improvement projects. Reading all the wonderful books I am finding at the library.

What are you all looking forward to and grateful for?

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