Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Toys for the New Year

I was so looking forward to the new year. Like I mentioned before, I am not a big resolution person. I was and still am looking forward to accomplishing some goals this year.

Right off the bat on the second day of the new year I slipped on the stairs in the parking garage where I work and sat down HARD on my tailbone. It's not broken, just badly bruised. Today I had a root canal. Yippee, I'm guessing I plan on getting the terrible stuff out of the way early.

As therapy I am doing some SERIOUS yarn shopping. I had made up my mind to make a bunch of my Christmas gifts for 2008 and thought I should start as soon as possible. I have about eight things I want to make so far. Just need the yarn. I have already dedicated myself Sunday afternoons to knitting. A knitting update coming soon....

My hubby and I bought a few new toys this year. He got me the iPod Nano and I got him the iPod Touch. It's exactly what we both wanted.

In our efforts to reduce the amount of money we spend at Starbucks every month, we bought ourselves a brand spanking new espresso maker. We have really been enjoying it and I even bought Chris a book for Christmas so we can make all kinds of yummy espresso treats.

We were lucky enough to get some Home Depot gift cards and cold hard cash and bought ourselves this nifty little tool. Yeah, it's a nail gun. Yeah, I used it last night. Now I know how all the gals on those home decorating shows feel when they get to use power tools!

Here is Chris putting up some crown molding. We started this project a couple years ago and we are down to three walls left.

Well, I hope you all have had a better start to your new year! Here's to a LOT of knitting!

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