Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Hallway

It's funny to call the hallway a finished room since its really a transitionary space. However, we can officially call it done! It was completed last night and it feels so good to have another few items knocked off the condo project list. Remember Quinn and Finley from an earlier post? They found a new home here.

On the other side of this wall is our kitchen which you can see a sneak peak of on the left. On the right and around the corner to the left you go to the front door and back in to the kitchen. Down the hallway on your right are the bedrooms and bathroom. I have mentioned before our space is small? (Sorry about the glare from the light. I needed it on to take the photo.) Below a photo of our two new light fixtures. They coordinate with our dining room fixture.

The yellow in the two canvases go well with the candles on the sconces. I have had the sconces for at least ten years. They as well as two of the candles are from Partylite. The candles are electric. They are set on a timer so they are on right before we come home and go off sometime during the night after we are asleep. It's great to not have to worry about fire, candle wax dripping, etc. I have a total of six in the house. I found the other four at Costco for a steal compared to the two from Partylite. They are made by the same manufacturer.

These are my mothers parents. The photos are both when they were in the army and they signed them to each other. They are hanging above a 48 star flag that belonged to my husbands grandfather. Right now it's hanging on two nails but we want to have it framed.

We originally bought the crown molding for the living room to hide surround sound wiring. Because there is no clear change between one of the living and dining room walls and then between the dining room and the hallway we ended up buying this dental molding for all the public rooms in the house except the kitchen. The surround sound system died Christmas eve 2009 and the molding was completed soon after that. When we first started to put it up the saw we were using was off and the corners never met correctly. So, we bought these corner pieces to help us along.

Yes we have popcorn ceiling. Textured walls are not fun to paint! Even after two coats we still see small spots we missed.

Cutting in used to not be one of my favorite things. Our friend who works at Home Depot recommended an awesome paintbrush for cutting in. It was only $6 and totally worth it!
Can you believe we lived without molding around the three hallway doors for almost two years? This photo shows the last wall color we had
Here is a progression of wall colors. What isn't showing was the yellowy cream color we started with when I moved in.
  • Our first color choice was a light mocha called Colchester Taupe which I chose because I wasn't sure how C would like it and we were renting so it was a "safe" color. The molding was painted two shades lighter called Lighthouse which was a white with a little mocha tint to it.
  • We were getting bored with the color so we decided to change it up, we wanted more brown in it. The color we chose was just one shade darker on our strip called Worn Glove.
  • Finally our current grey which is Creek Bend.

All three colors are by Behr. Colchester Taupe was renamed Gypsy Moth.


I really like the velvet curtains we got from Cost Plus (for some reason they don't have grey on their site at the moment). At $35 a panel for velvet like curtains I thought they were a good deal. You can see one peeking in this corner. We are actually using it to hide our laundry center since the opening needs a custom door. We have two in our living room and will get two for our dining room. They might be a little too dark for my grey but I like them!

The entire hallway cost us about $200 for what we did. We already had the IKEA Expedit bookcase. There are only two switches and one outlet in the hallway and the grey they have at Home Depot is practically a perfect match.

The dining room has already been painted and we will start the living room next month. Both in the same grey color.

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