Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grey & White

I saw a glimpse of a bedroom over on A Beach Cottage and I am in heaven! It's summer in the land down under and the light is much different then in the winter. Below is a photo of her bedside.

I am loving the grey polka dot pillow along with the grey striped pillow on the white chenile bedspread. LOVE taking a nap in the sun wrapped up in a chenile blanket!

Here are some other great grey & white photos from around blog land. From flicker a shot of grey and white buildings.

Birch trees are such a great grey and white background.

For you Harry Potter lovers our there, Hedwig.


Grey and white Carrara marble.

Grey and white houndstooth trenchcoat from Soia & Kyo. LOVE!


River rock.

A pile of grey knit blankets.................

I never realized how many images I see that I like that are strictly grey and white.

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Morgan @ PepperDesignBlog.com said...

Love grey and white! Especially that beautiful first image :).