Monday, April 12, 2010

I've Been a Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger of late. I do have a few blog posts that I need to get out there. Here is some link love for today.

Small Notebook is posting about selling items on Craigslist she no longer needs. I thought her list of items you can find readily avaiable on CL was interesting and might help people out there to take the plunge and sell or donate items they think they "might" need in the future. I know I am one of those people who "might" have use for a perfectly good item I don't need now. Or something I can repurpose in to something else.

I found this article from Brunette on a Budget about the idea of working from home. I had wanted to try this for a time. A few months ago my office moved and I was relegated to working from home for two days. I thought how cool and it about drove me nuts. Along with my dog who thought I was home to hang out with him.

Junk Gypsy wrote about the airstream makeover. A friend of mine and I go camping with our families every year and she has an airstream. We are always thinking up ways to funk up hers. One day the hubs and I will own an airstream and I want the inside to be as wacky as possible and just as cool as this! To get an idea check out our camping survival guide.

Finally, Brooklyn Limestone installed FLOR carpeting in her "box room". This is something I have been thinking about doing in my dining room. Something just large enough to acomodate the chairs when pulled out while someone is sitting in them.

Updates to come soon with Roller Derby and our cleaned off patio.

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Crystal said...

Thanks for the link love! We've missed you 'round these parts!