Monday, March 16, 2009

101 Things - Sushi

One of the items on my 101 Things list is to learn to make Sushi. My dad learned how to make it a couple years ago and for a few years served it at Christmas Eve dinner. I understand why he didn't serve it last year. Its quite involved. So, last Saturday the hubs and I went over to my parents house armed with Sushi makings and Sake.

The kind of Sushi we made was Maki-zushi, commonly known as California rolls. My favorite sushi is actually Nagirizushi which is essentially pillows of rice with Wasabi and fish on top (probably much easier to make too). My favorite fish of choice is Salmon. Our California rolls had crab, avocado, wasabi and English cucumber. The hubs actually got really good at it.

We are a little sushied out because of the amount of crab we bought. A half pound makes a LOT of Sushi!


Monica said...

its hard, we tried it, its on one of my older posts and it came out like globs , we were laughing so hard, plus the saki didnt help us.......

mrsb said...

Yummmm that looks delish!